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Health Essentials

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Our Favourites For...

Jo's key essential products, hand picked for their quality and performance from the world of nutritional supplements.

Essentials For Kids Health

It is very difficult in todays society as parents face peer (and kids) pressure, party after party and trying to juggle activities, school and work. All too often the diet does not contain the vital nutrients that they need. Read our guide to overcome our lifestyle dietary difficulties...

Vitamins & Minerals

This is a short guide to our range of multivitamins which we believe can support optimum health.


With more bacteria in our gut than there are cells in our whole body, it pays to look after your friendly bacteria. Our guide gives some simple tips on how to achieve this.

Essential Fatty Acids

Our guide explains why essential fats are so important to our health and why a low fat diet can be detrimental.


A guide to the wonders and importance of antioxidants and how to get more of them into your life.

All you need to know about vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, probiotics and antioxidants. Read for fascinating insights into the world of nutrition, including how your good bacteria benefit your immune system and how essential fatty acids can keep your brain young and active. Did you know there are more good bacteria in your gut than there are cells in your body? We'll tell you which foods to eat to keep the levels up, and which omega oils are best for your health.