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Healthy Holiday Tips


It is that time of year when we need to stop and take a moment to plan for our holidays. Let’s pack the swimwear and the sandals and let’s not forget about our health and wellbeing whilst we enjoy family moments and hopefully lots of sunshine.

Digestive Health

On foreign holidays in particular, we love to enjoy foods of different culture and foods that we wouldn’t normally choose. This can leave us susceptible to bloating, sickness and diarrhoea. Boosting your gut flora before you travel can help to strengthen your natural immune defences.

Saccharomyces boulardii is a specific probiotic which can be useful for flushing out illness causing bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella. It is also useful for reducing diarrhoea in those who are susceptible to traveller’s tummy. It does need to be refrigerated and makes an easy option to travel with.

TRY: Viridian Travel Biotic


(contains Saccharomyces and ginger powder). It can be useful to start taking 5 days before you travel and take x1 a day whilst away.

TRY: Biokult Multi Strain


A powerful probiotic that’s perfect for traveling, as there is no need for refrigeration

TRY: Viridian Grapefruit Seed Extract


Grapefruit seed extract has been shown to possess antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.

Skin Protection

Protecting your skin before you go can help to reduce burning and skin ageing. We should all be eating a diet rich in colourful fruits and vegetables, especially those that are red, orange and dark green. The beta carotene (vitamin A) they contain is vital for keeping skin healthy and remember to keep well hydrated with fresh water.

Boosting your vitamin D levels may offer more protection against sun sensitive skin. Vitamin D can be taken in many ways – capsules, oral spray and drops. Checking your levels is helpful to supplement accurately.

Vitamin D testing is offered at Amaranth using a simple finger prick method. Ask in store for details.

TRY: Viridian SPF


Skin Pro-Factors contains nutrients chosen for their ability to strengthen the skin against sun damage. It is specifically formulated to aid in the maintenance of healthy skin during the summer months

TRY: Viridian Vitamin D


Vitamin D is important for skin protection, but is also vital for many other bodily functions, particularly bone health with its supportive role in calcium absorption and utilisation

Travel Well

Do you have a family member with motion sickness?

It might help to settle the tummy before you set off with a mug of ginger tea, using raw grated ginger and a spoon of honey.

You may prefer to take ginger capsules to settle the stomach or have a few drops of Absolute Aromas Travel oil on a tissue and hold to the nose to calm the symptoms.

Nerves Travaler?

There are logistics to cover, plans to make, and responsibilities to handle before taking off. Combine that with the fear of flying or worrying about safety in a new place, and it’s no wonder why most travelers experience amped up stress levels before taking off.

It is common to have pre-flight jitters, especially when traveling on your own or for an extended period of time. Whatever the reason, you can combat anxiety with these 8 tips for keeping calm when traveling.

TRY: Viridian Ginger


Ginger is a great remedy for motion sickness and troubled tummies

TRY: Nux Vomica


A remedy made from the seeds of the Strychnos Nux Vomica plant.

TRY: Viridian L-Theanine and Lemon Balm


Stopping the Bugs

If you are a mosquito’s heaven you may want to try and reduce your tastiness with vitamin B1(thiamine). It reportedly gives out a scent that the mozzies don’t like. Start before you holiday and continue to take whilst you are away

TRY: Viridian B1 Complex


TRY: Wild Nutrition Wild Traveller


TRY: Viridian Horse Chestnut Seeds Balm


Time Travel

Flying can be stressful, especially if you are travelling across time zones. The oxidative stress created by Jet lag can be supported by taking nutrients Vitamin C and Zinc which contribute to the normal function of the immune system and antioxidants like French Maritime Bark.

TRY: Pukka Natural Vitamin C



If you like natural health then the environment will also be important to you. Natural sunscreens can protect the health of both babies, children and adults and if prickly heat is your problem, choosing creams with natural water resistance protection, will help allow the skin to breathe without blocking the pores. The Amaranth blog on natural sunscreens can provide more information.

TRY: Green People After Sun


TRY:Green People Sun Protection (SPF 30)


When the Sun Sets

If you like natural health then the environment will also be important to you. Natural sunscreens can protect the health of both babies, children and adults and if prickly heat is your problem, choosing creams with natural water resistance protection, will help allow the skin to breathe without blocking the pores. The Amaranth blog on natural sunscreens can provide more information. Link to the sunscreen blog


As much as we try to avoid getting sun burnt, sometimes it happens. It is unpleasant but relief is at hand.

TRY: Salcura Burn Relief Spray


TRY: Aloe Vera Gel


This soothing, moisturising and healing gel is ideal for dry, damaged skin and for using on minor burns and after sun exposure.

TRY: Organic Children Sun Lotion(SPF30)


A high factor, natural sun lotion suitable for children with sensitive skin and prone to prickly heat


Insect repellents can contain chemicals such as DEET as their active ingredient and you may be concerned about applying this to your skin and especially the skin of children. Mosi-guard and Incognito natural insect repellent can be used as sprays, solid sticks or Roll-on and use only natural ingredients that can be effective for up to 8 hours. These products are DEET, paraben and SLS free and are safe for children over the age of 6 months.

TRY:John Masters Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender


TRY:Urtekram Children’s Organic Leave in Spray Conditioner with Calendula



For the children with beautiful tresses who run when they see the hair brush, try a natural leave in conditioner to protect the hair from the drying sun and leave it tangle free.

Tummy Troubles

Holidays can put a strain on your digestive system, we perhaps eat and drink (alcohol that is) much more than we would at home. Try to balance this out with drinking plenty of fresh water throughout the day and including fresh fruits and vegetables in your food choices.

For extra support consider Milk Thistle or Biocare Everyday Bio-acidophilus in convenient 7 -day strips for travel.

TRY:A.Vogel Milk Thistle Complex



After a fantastic time in the sun it is time to rejuvenate the ageing and drying effects of those UV rays. Why not give your skin a boost with nourishing oils or nutrients that can help to repair collagen and reduce the effects of those free radicals that cause sun damage.

TRY:Nourish Argan Skin Rescue Oil


TRY:Viridian – Organic Beauty Oil


TRY:Viridian Beauty Complex Capsules